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How do I use the AggregateResult I receive from a query using the databasedotcom gem?

quer = "SELECT SUM(MRR__c) FROM Account WHERE Type = 'Customer' AND Go_Live_Date__c > 2012-01-01 GROUP BY Producer__c"
ff = client.query quer
[#<SalesforceCont::AggregateResult:0x00000102e707b8 @Id=nil>, #   
<SalesforceCont::AggregateResult:0x00000102e70380 @Id=nil>, #
<SalesforceCont::AggregateResult:0x00000102e6ff48 @Id=nil>, #
<SalesforceCont::AggregateResult:0x00000102e6fb10 @Id=nil>] 

I can not figure out how to use them. The in the documentation mentioned "get" or anything similar does not exist.

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Also when I use the examples from Salesforce I only get those @Id=nil objects.… – mmlac Feb 24 '12 at 23:16
Could you enable debugging in the client, then send the output from when you call client.query? – user414192 Feb 25 '12 at 9:32
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The databasedotcom gem does not currently support AggregateResult. However, I encountered this same issue a while ago and made a quick-and-dirty fix that lets it return AggregateResults properly. It is available here:

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