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In my navigation.rb I have:

primary.item d.slug, + '<span style="background:url(' + root_url + 'images/ikoner/gavekort_konkurrencer.png) no-repeat;"></span>', katshow_path(

The problem is that the span tag is inside the link.

<li><a href="/10">asdasd<span style="background:url(http://localhost:3000/images.png) no-repeat;"></span></a></li>

How do I put it outside?

So it then would be:

<li><a href="/10">asdasd</a><span style="background:url(http://localhost:3000/images.png) no-repeat;"></span></li>
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Maybe you want to write this into your *.html.erb in your views folder:

<%= link_to "asdasd", :controller => "10" %> 
<span style="background:url(http://localhost:3000/images.png) no-repeat;"></span> 

Is the same as:

<a href="/10">asdasd< /a>
<span style="background:url(http://localhost:3000/images.png) no-repeat;"></span>

You can chech some other options for your links here:

Hope it works your you.

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You have misunderstood the question. It is the gem 'simple-navigationø' that dynamic creates the menu based on the config file. – Rails beginner Apr 12 '12 at 19:58

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