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Should I be able to use the same AudioBufferSourceNode to play a sound multiple times? For some reason, calling noteGrainOn a second time doesn't play audio, even with an intervening noteOff.

This code only plays the sound once:

var node = audioContext.createBufferSource()
node.buffer = audioBuffer

var now = audioContext.currentTime
node.noteGrainOn(now, 0, 2)
node.noteOff(now + 2)
node.noteGrainOn(now + 3, 0, 2)
node.noteOff(now + 5)
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Once you've played back a source node, you can't reuse it. You need to create another AudioBufferSourceNode with the same buffer. Check out the Web Audio FAQ for more info (see the noteOn() question).

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Thanks, for the answer and for the FAQ. – alltom Feb 25 '12 at 0:03
As you says, this seem not possible need to reload. I have also trouble reloading using a currentime // play = function() { source.noteOn(now); }, pause = function() { now = audioContext.currentTime; source.noteOff(0); } – molokoloco Mar 23 '12 at 4:18

I have some hack to toggle play/pause easily :) You can map the audio to an existing audio tag directly and use the control on it

<audio id="sound" src="./test.mp3" controls="controls"></audio>

var audioElement = document.getElementById('sound');
source = audioContext.createMediaElementSource(audioElement);
/* ... */

My example running here : I currently use Chrome build 18.0.xxxx

Others refs :

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