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I am using Magit to work with git in emacs. I have bound magit-status to a key, but every time I hit the key it opens in a split in lower half of the window and i have to hit C-x 1 to get it into a full window. How can I make it open in a full window by default?

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(setq magit-status-buffer-switch-function 'switch-to-buffer)

or via customize:

M-x customize-variable RET magit-status-buffer-switch-function RET

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Here is another way to achieve this:

(add-to-list 'same-window-regexps "\*magit: .*\*")

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This solution has the advantage that you can kill the fullscreen buffer in quit-window style:

(defadvice magit-status (around magit-fullscreen activate)
  (window-configuration-to-register :magit-fullscreen)

(defadvice magit-mode-quit-window (after magit-restore-screen activate)
  "Restores the previous window configuration and kills the magit buffer"
  (jump-to-register :magit-fullscreen))

(define-key magit-status-mode-map (kbd "q") 'magit-mode-quit-window)

If you have an older version of magit then you might need to rename magit-mode-quit-window to magit-quit-window.

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I use this:

(defun my-magit-status ()
  "Don't split window."
  (let ((pop-up-windows nil))
    (call-interactively 'magit-status)))
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