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I'm trying to replace all instances of   with a simple space EXCEPT if it's surrounded by DIV tags. I've tried tinkering with the NOT REGEXP and NOT RLIKE within the replace query, like this:

UPDATE table SET column = replace(column,NOT REGEXP '>&#160;<',' ');

But it gives a syntax error. Anyone have any suggestions?

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How about three separate updates...

  1. UPDATE table SET column = replace(column, '>&#160;<', '%%LOL$$');
  2. UPDATE table SET column = replace(column, '&#160;', ' ');
  3. UPDATE table SET column = replace(column, '%%LOL$$', '>&#160;<');
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This one did the trick, thanks! –  J. Scott Elblein Feb 25 '12 at 15:21

Something like this should work:

UPDATE table SET column = REPLACE(column, '&#160;', ' ') WHERE column NOT LIKE '%div>&#160;</%'
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I tried this and it said over 8K rows affected, and when I went in and looked at one of them it all looked the same as before. eek lol –  J. Scott Elblein Feb 25 '12 at 15:16

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