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On GitHub my network graph looks like this

---o---o---X--------------o---o master
             Y-----Z test
               o---o------o----------o devel

Whereas in "spirit" it should look more like this.

---o---o---X--------------o---o master
             Y----o-----o-----o-----------o devel
               Z test

The test branch was just a test of a new feature, from the first graph it makes it look like devel is a branch from test

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If the test branch was not displayed in the graph they would look exactly the same? They look like the same tree structure, just a different picture? –  Tom Kerr Feb 25 '12 at 3:35

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I'm going to name master~2, the point of divergence, "X" for clarity.

You can rebase the test branch to lie atop X, and then rebase devel to originate on test.

There is no way to do the swap without changing all the hashes of commits on both devel and master, since each commit includes a reference to its parents, and what you want to do changes the parents of both test and devel~4. So, only history-rewriting commands like rebase or a movement of the ref names will accomplish your goal.

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The problem is that Y is "owned" by both test and devel branches. To fix this I arranged so that it is only "owned" by devel branch.

Part 1 (using gitk)

  • Create patch from X to Z
  • Create new branch temp from X

Part 2 (using git)

  • Apply patch to temp branch
  • Commit

Part 3 (back to gitk)

  • Hard reset test to temp
  • Delete temp branch


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