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I know how to select some rows from a grid as indicated here:

But I want to do the opposite, I want to have a grid, with selectable column, where I want to have checked the rows with certain ids from database, and then be able to unselect some or select a new one.

Is there a "prefered" method to do that in Agile Toolkit?

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i'll make this short just to answer the question.

to preselect checkboxes on Grid Basic or MVC Grid, you just need to fill-in the values in the accompanying Form's selected Form_Field, example:

 class page_gridcheckboxestest extends Page {
    function init() {

       $g = $this->add('MVCGrid');

       $f = $this->add('Form');

       $preselect = array(1,2,3,4,5); // array of preselected ids


the array of preselected ids has to be in JSON format for this to work.

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