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In the

echo Main-Class: oata.HelloWorld>myManifest
md build\jar
jar cfm build\jar\HelloWorld.jar myManifest -C build\classes .
java -jar build\jar\HelloWorld.jar

Note: Do not have blanks around the >-sign in the echo Main-Class instruction because it would falsify it!

Anyone know why there is such Note. I do not see any difference when we hae balnks around >-sign.

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You are correct, it makes no difference. Not sure what the message on the tutorial means.

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Just a guess.

It probably meant to stress the need for getting the line correctly copied. Main-Class attribute

Any value other than 'Main-Class:' will fail the jar creation.

With a white space after - Main - Class or just before : 'Main-Class : gives the error invalid header field name: ..

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