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e.g. myfunc(from:c:\my\dir,to:c:\my\other\file.ext) ==> ..\other\file.ext .

new Uri() need not apply, unless there's a remedy for it returning URI format not Windows filename format. .LocalPath fails.

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This should do what you want.

        string firstDirectory = "c:\\my\\dir";
        string secondDirectory = "c:\\my\\other\\file.ext";

        var first = firstDirectory.Split('\\');
        var second = secondDirectory.Split('\\');

        var directoriesToGoBack = first.Except(second);
        var directoriesToGoForward = second.Except(first);

        StringBuilder directory = new StringBuilder();

        bool initial = true;
        foreach (string s in directoriesToGoBack)
            if (initial)
                initial = false;
            } else


        foreach (string s in directoriesToGoForward)
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Thanks - it seems that will owrk if no two directories in the same path have the same name. If anyone has a thouroughly tested solution, I'd be grateful. –  ChrisJJ Feb 26 '12 at 22:02

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