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When I use the -f I get an error segmentation fault, any ideas? the -f option is for choosing an input file.

  struct list_names filenames;
  list_names_init(&filenames, "filenames");

  optind = 1;
  while ((ch = getopt(argc, argv, ":hvf:")) != -1)  //where getopt defined
      switch (ch) {
        case 'h':
                printf("usage: ./hake [-h] [-v] [-f file]\n-h           print help\n-v           verbose mode; enable extra printing; can be repeated\n");
                printf("-f file      input filename; default is hakefile or Hakefile");
        case 'v':
          verbose = 1;
        case 'f':
          list_names_append_from_file(&filenames, optarg);
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Likely as not the problem is in your list_names_append_from_file method. –  Kevin Feb 25 '12 at 3:30

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Without knowing how list_names_append_from_file is defined it is hard to answer your question. However, a segmentation fault means that you're almost certainly passing the wrong type or number of parameters to a function or that you're messing up a pointer. I'd suggest recompiling (presuming you're using gcc) with -Wall -Werror and see if the compiler doesn't tell you what's going wrong immediately.

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Looking at my code, your right I am passing the wrong number of parameters to the function. I am stuck on how to pass two files at the same time to a list, is it possible to do that? –  1990Mustafa Feb 25 '12 at 16:22

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