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My dom looks like:

<div id="foo">

I'm performing some operations with the '#foo' div and would like to test if a <ul> element exists directly after it. If it does, then I'd like to append an <li> to it. If it doesn't I want to create a <ul> append an <li> to it and then place it directly after the div.

Is there a way I can do this in jquery?

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Like this:

$(document).ready(function() {
    var $foo = $('#foo'), 
        $ul = $foo.next('ul');

    if ($ul.length) {
        // <ul> exists; add a <li> to it
    } else {
        // <ul> does not exist; create one, add a <li> to it,
        // then insert it after #foo

For reference:

  • .next() grabs the sibling that immediately follows a given element in its parent. The jQuery call $('#foo').next('ul') works similarly to the selector #foo + ul.

  • The difference between .append() and .after() is that .append() adds elements into the end of an element's contents, while .after() adds them directly after its closing tag.

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if(!$('#foo').next('ul').length) { 
    //not found 
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if( $("#foo").next().is("ul") ){
    // next element is ul
} else {
    // next element is NOT ul

is() returns a boolean (true or false) depending on whether the selected element matches the selector. Here, we select the foo div, use next() to select the element that immediately succeeds it, and check if it matches to the selector "ul".

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       if($(this).next().get(0).tagName == 'UL'){
           // do something
           // add li to your ul
       else {
           // do something
           //make a ul li
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