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def new
  @user = User.find(session[:this_user])
  @message =    
  @people= People.order("is_active DESC, first_name, last_name")

When the create action fails validation, I need to set up the above variables again, creating an action that looks like:

def create
  @message =[:message])  
    redirect_to(messages_path, :notice => 'Message was successfully created.') 
    @user = User.find(session[:this_user])
    @message =    
    @people= People.order("is_active DESC, first_name, last_name")
    render :action => "new" 


What is the proper way to remove redundant code (and DRY it)?

Also, the above approach causes the form to forget any input if the validation fails. Is there a better way to do it so that it remembers any information entered?

Rails 3.07, Ruby 1.9.2

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put @user = User.find(session[:this_user])

in a before_filter :setSessionUser, :only => [:new, :create]

@people= People.order("is_active DESC, first_name, last_name") could be a :scope

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