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I am implementing a protocol that has a method called fbDidExtendToken:. For some reason, I get the warning that I am not implementing this method. Why is this?

In my .h:

@interface AppDelegate : UIResponder <UIApplicationDelegate, FBSessionDelegate>

in my .mm

@implementation AppDelegate


Error message is:

/Volumes/mchinen/scm/FindYourself/FindYourself/AppDelegate.mm:13:1: warning: method in protocol not implemented [-Wprotocol,3] /Volumes/mchinen/scm/FindYourself/src/Facebook.h:123:1: note: method declared here [3] - (void)fbDidExtendToken:(NSString*)accessToken

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Looking in the protocol header file, it seems the entire method is

- (void)fbDidExtendToken:(NSString*)accessToken expiresAt:(NSDate*)expiresAt;

and the xcode warning only gave me the method name up to the first parameter, which I copied and pasted to implement, causing the warning.

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