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How to deploy Phonegap app to iPhone without having Apple hardware (iPhone + Mac)

PhoneGap provides a service called "PhoneGap Build" that handles compiling all of your code for you. However, before it will compile anything for an iPhone, it requires that you upload a "developer certificate" and "provisioning profile". Is there any way to obtain a certificate and provisioning profile without using a Mac?

Here is what the people at PhoneGap have to say: https://build.phonegap.com/docs/ios-builds

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I had the same issue with PhoneGap Build and found this link for generating a certificate signing request on Windows.


I just went through the process and it appeared to work fine. I've now uploaded it to Apple and am waiting on the "Pending Issuance".

While I was looking around for this solution I found another great article here that looks like it addresses what happens after you get this far.

Convert push certificate to P12 format on Windows for iPhone app

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