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Following is the method which I am exporting from my DLL

const wchar_t* _stdcall  EncryptAES(const wchar_t* value, const char* key)

I want to access this method from VB 6.0, kindly guide me so that I can achieve this.

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I recommend reading Microsoft's manual Developing DLLs for use with VB . The document was written for VB5 and never updated, but nothing changed from VB5 to VB6 –  MarkJ Feb 25 '12 at 9:53

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I now using VB.net so I will not post any code here, since I'm unable to be sure if it is correct. But I suggest you to use StrPtr or VarPtr functions to pass wchar_t* parameter and ByVal for char*. See this article for complete guidance. Hope this will help you.

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