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User search input is UNIX I need to find the valid record from a table.

Which has random lists like below:

abnormalURL field             | Unique-Company
www.PDP11UNIX.com             | company1
PDP9UNIXPDP11.co.uk           | company2
.UNIXPDP11.be                 | company3
git://UNIXPDP11.com           | company4
http://PDP11UNIX              | company5
ssh://UNIXPDP11               | company6
www.UNIXPDP11.1234.-.0.9.8.be | company7

Grand father telling story,   | company8
   once upon a time there was 
   a UNIX getting born.       

UNIXPDPV11.a.hosted.com       | company9
www.UNIX.org                  | company10
b.UNIX.x.org                  | company11
http://UNIX.be                | company12
http://www.UNIX.com           | company13
UNIX.nl                       | company14
UNIX.a.org                    | company15 
UNIX.b.org                    | company55
http://www.UNIX.PDP11.org/    | company16
http://www.PDP11.UNIX.org/    | company17

I used LIKE % % but that is not correct in many other random records. Also I tried LIKE 'UNIX%' which is also not correct output.

*My expected output is only 2 from that above list, which should show similar to the following: *

www.UNIX.org                  | company10
http://UNIX.be                | company12
http://www.UNIX.com           | company13
UNIX.nl                       | company14

If the search was UNIX.a then it would be showing as following (only):

UNIX.a.org                    | company15

How can I do that with SQL/C?

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You will need to explain why only those lines match the keyword UNIX. Why does UNIX.a.org not match, for example. –  Jim Garrison Feb 25 '12 at 8:44
@JimGarrison: Because UNIX.a = 5 or x number of another company. Where Unix.org = 1, UNIX.be = 2, UNIX.com = 3, UNIX.nl = 4 in my case. –  YumYumYum Feb 25 '12 at 8:53
Didn't get a word out of your explanation. –  Andrew Logvinov Feb 25 '12 at 8:57
The explanation is still clear as mud. –  ypercube Feb 25 '12 at 9:14
@Dennis: Sorry, but if there was a badge for obfuscated description, this question would deserve it. –  ypercube Feb 25 '12 at 9:48

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OK. This is a very wild guess. I assume that when a user inputs "UNIX", you want all entries that start with one of these:


or just


and end with one of these:


If my guess is correct, something like this may work (in MySQL):

      ( SELECT 'http://' AS prefix UNION ALL
        SELECT 'http://www.' UNION ALL
        SELECT 'www.' UNION ALL
        SELECT 'ftp://' UNION ALL
        SELECT ''
      ) pre
      ( SELECT '.com' AS suffix UNION ALL
        SELECT '.org' UNION ALL
        SELECT '.nl' UNION ALL
        SELECT '.be' UNION ALL
        SELECT '.gr'
      ) s
      TableX t
    ON t.abnormalURL = CONCAT(p.prefix, @userInput, s.suffix)
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