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I have added a Facebook Like-Button to my website, which works perfectly. It shows the perfect link to my website on the wall of the persons who click it. There's only one problem and I can't seem to solve it in any way. The link also includes a preview of my website, but instead of a complete preview or a preview of my header it shows a picture of one of the link-buttons of my website! The script itself doesn't contain anything to change or set a preview picture and changing names of pictures, links and header doesn't solve it either. No matter what I do, it still keeps on showing the button...

What can I do bout it? I've contacted my serverhost but they don't know it either?

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You can set the image that shows on Facebook with the following og tag in the head of your page:

<meta property="og:image" content="http://example.com/image.jpg" />

Facebook requires some more open graph tags. (Formerly known as meta tags.) You have to make sure the facebook linter correctly interprets your page. Use the Facebook debugger to check and fix all issues.

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try to refresh facebook catch by submitting link here . If you still have problem , you can provide custom images by with open facebook graph . Refer

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