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I have a variable (PrincipleIndex) in a class (Principles.cs) in one C# project (..\Bullseye\Biz Logic\Trading\Principle\Data\Principles.cs).

int PrincipleIndex = Principles.Instance.RowIndexToPrincipleIndex(hti.Row);
  1. Principles is a class with singleton design pattern
  2. RowIndexToPrincipleIndex(hti.Row) - taking out row from a property grid

I want to make PrincipleIndex accessible to another class (TradingCentralForm.cs) within the same C# project, specifically, here:

principlesList.Select(p => p.GetInstanceForDatabase()).Where(p => p.Note == Principles.Instance[PrincipleIndex].Note).ToList()

However, PrincipleIndex is not accesible there.

I tried to make the variable public in principle.cs but it is not working. How can I properly make it accessible?


internal class Principles
    #region Singelton

    private static readonly Principles instance;
    public static Principles Instance
        get { return instance; }
    static Principles()
        instance = new Principles();
    private Principles()


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Just add:

private int principleIndex = 0;

public int PrincipleIndex 
    get { return principleIndex; }

    // this must be within the Principles class
    Principles.Instance.principleIndex = Principles.Instance.RowIndexToPrincipleIndex(hti.Row);
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