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In python2.7+ exist any way to make something like:

{ something_if_true if condition else something_if_false for key, value in dict_.items() }

I know you can make anything with just 'if'

{ something_if_true for key, value in dict_.items() if condition}
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as told by @Marcin, a dict is made of key:value elements, you're not building a dict here but a set (see set literals). – MatToufoutu Feb 25 '12 at 9:26
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You've already got it: A if test else B is a valid python expression. The only problem with your dict comprehension as shown is that the place for an expression in a dict comprehension must have two expressions, separated by a colon:

{ (some_key if condition else default_key):(something_if_true if condition 
          else something_if_false) for key, value in dict_.items() }

The final if clause acts as a filter, which is different from having the conditional expression.

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