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Suppose I have a application which fetch data from network and then showing those data in application. But sometimes internet becomes disconnected so I am showing message that 'Internet not available'. But I want to keep user busy with the application. So I want to do following things but there are some problem in implementation.

1) When network disconnected I want to show message 'network disconnect' and I want to store all data in db. Problem: How will I know network is not available without happening any event?

2) And when network is connected I want to fetch data and store in buffer. Problem : Same, how will I know network is available rightnow?

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This is quite common question and is best solved using Reachability class.

You can find a nice manual here: Testing Network Reachability

And a quick answer is the accepted answer here:

iPhone reachability checking

But be aware that it's best to check for host availabiility. I tested this code when device was connected to AdHoc WiFi (with no internet connectivity) and the result was: internet available via WiFi. So if you want to be sure - use host status.

EDIT: and this is probably the best example on SO (answer from iWasRobbed):

How to check for an active Internet Connection on iPhone SDK?

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