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Lets assume that running go install -v importpath builds an executable and installs it into $GOPATH/bin/program. The go tool is unable to install resource files. When I run the program, I would like it to access some resource files that are under $GOPATH/src/importpath.

What is the best way of accessing such resource files from the installed executable?

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This question has been asked multiple times on the go-nuts mailing list. The go tool doesn't offer a direct way to distribute additional resources at the moment. However, there are two workarounds available:

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The camlistored/ui/fileembed.go file is no longer available. Are there other working examples that could be quoted into the answer for preservation's sake? – Matt Jun 12 '13 at 18:05

go install is not designed to do what you want to do.

If you insist on using go install, you can embed the resources in the executable (byte arrays in source code).

Another option is to use a deploy script that runs go install and then copies the resources to a place known by your executable.

If you want your program to be installable by people other than you, you should use a packaging system that is standard on the os you're targeting (e.g. apt/rpm on Linux, an installer executable on Windows, .dmg file on Mac etc.)

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GOPATH environment variable

On Unix, the value is a colon-separated string. On Windows, the value is a semicolon-separated string. On Plan 9, the value is a list.

Therefore, $GOPATH/bin/program and $GOPATH/src/importpath are not necessarily valid. For example, on Linux,

$ GOPATH=$HOME/gopath:$HOME/go
$ cd $GOPATH/bin/go
bash: cd: /home/peter/gopath:/home/peter/go/bin/go: No such file or directory
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