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I have already made a model for form.In that the fields were like


I have made necessary CRUD for Form.Now I want to get one extra field for last inserted id in view file.So how to get that value?To get that value should I make any necessary changes in CRUD?Any help and suggestions will be highly appriciable.

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You can get the last inserted ID like this:


See the Yii documentation for more information.

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If $model->id wouldn't work then use Yii::app()->db->getLastInsertId() or getPrimaryKey().

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Yii::app()->db->getLastInsertId() seems better, as it can be used anywhere outside model (like in migrations) and does not fall into conserns discussed here. But, anywhere -- nice answer (+!). Thanks. –  trejder Mar 24 at 9:13

If your goal is to get the id that was assigned to the model that you just saved, then after you do $model->save(), simply do $model->id to get it back.

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you can also get the last inserted id of another model.

$std_id = Students::model()->findAll(array('order' => 'admission_no DESC','limit' => 1));

            foreach($std_id as $f) {

                echo  "Last Inserted Admission No:".$f['admission_no'];


you can last inserted id in the same model

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Reference Link : Here

$model->primaryKey or
$model->id // this is your primary key item
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In Yii2 last inserted id can be get using


added for the people looking for the answer of same question in yii2

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