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I have array of 2d points filled with random points

float mPosX[] = new float[n]; //n=~ 2000
float mPosY[] = new float[n];

distance between each pair is irregular.

for example

mPosX[1] = 100;
mPosY[1] = 100;

mPosX[2] = 200;
mPosY[2] = 300;

mPosX[3] = -50;
mPosY[3] = 100;

What i need to achieve is

  1. Make them look smoother - interpolate first ( i have tried using bezier splines but it is too slow in real time )

  2. Find points on interpolated result from beginning to end every x distance

what is the fastest possible solution for this ? ( Android )

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possible duplicate of Point Sequence Interpolation –  DarenW Feb 27 '12 at 4:05

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