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I would have add method to a class dynamically... function name will also passed dynamically.

How can i do? I tried in this way

def decor(*var):
  def onDecorator(aClass):
    class onInstance:
        def __init__(self,*args,**kargs):
            aClass.setter = self.flam
            self.wrapped = aClass(*args,**kargs)

        def __getattr__(self,attr):
            return getattr(self.wrapped,attr)

        def __setattr__(self,attr,value):
            if attr == 'wrapped':

        def flam(self,*args):

    return onInstance
return onDecorator

but if i do:


i have

'setter': <bound method onInstance.flam of <__main__.onInstance object at 0x522270>>

instead of var:.....

i have this class:

class D:
  def __init__(self, data):
    self.data = data
    self.dimension = len(self.data)

i would call:


and have back self.dimension but i don't know name in advance

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Show an example of the code that you hope to use to attach the method to the class. I have no idea how you could have a method that you want to attach, but not have any kind of name for it. I also have no idea how you expect the method to make any sense to be attached to the class, if the class wasn't designed with that method in the first place. – Karl Knechtel Feb 25 '12 at 11:56
updated the description – fege Feb 25 '12 at 12:25

This is my decorator

def decorator(name):
    def wrapper(K):
        setattr(K, name, eval(name))
        return K
    return wrapper

This is a sample method

def myfunc(self):
    print "Istance class: ", self

This is a decoreted class

class Klass:

I hope this is useful and what you need :)

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