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The two spectrograms are in the same dimension. I tried S = spectrogram() to get the vector S, but I don't know how to draw back to spectrogram with it.

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In the documentation, it says that the images are drawn with the command surf(T,F,10*log10(abs(P)));. So for example, you could plot the difference of two of these images with:

%# make some data
T = 0:0.001:2;
X1 = chirp(T,100,1,200,'q');
X2 = chirp(T,150,1,200,'q');

%# plot the first spectrogram
title('Quadratic chirp 100Hz')

%# plot the second spectrogram
title('Quadratic chirp 150Hz')

%# plot their difference
%# just use the difference of the above two plot's z-values:
%# this is actually a 3D plot, so we set the viewing
%# angle as straight up and rotated by 90 to match the previous plots
axis tight;
title('Difference of Plots (2nd - 1st)')
ylabel('Freq (Hz)');

This code makes the following plot:

Difference of Spectrograms Example

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Thank you! It's really useful! – Harmonic Feb 26 '12 at 3:34

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