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Looks like my emails raising errors and sending.

I'm receiving emails and also I get this error on "rake jobs:work" console:

Class#deliver_and_save failed with ArgumentError: A sender (Return-Path, Sender or From) required to send a message - 1 failed attempts

But when I step through my debugger, I can see that there is a from:

> email.from
=> ["my@email.com"]
> email_draft.From
=> Me <my@email.com>
> email_draft.sender
=> nil
> email_draft.Sender
=> nil
> email_draft.reply_to
=> ["my@email.com"]

Is it possible that ActionMailer is throwing the error and still sending? Is this a known issue? The problem I have is that delayed_job keeps sending the email repeatedly.


def EmailEngine < ActionMailer::Base

  # Called with EmailEngine.delay.deliver_and_save(template)
  def deliver_and_save(template)

    # This appears to be raising the error
    email_draft = EmailEngine.send(template) # this will invoke 'mail'

    # Saved here to have a better record than the logs provide

    # Yet this still sends
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Found the problem!

delayed_job doesn't play super well with rails 3.1 and you have to use this new syntax:

EmailEngine.delay.deliver_and_save(template) # I was already doing this.

which it automatically tries to calls .deliver on the Mail::Message object that deliver_and_save returns. (So there's my problem: trying to call .deliver myself.)

SOLUTION: I rearranged my code and to call Email.create(.. somewhere outside of EmailEngine and then I called EmailEngine.delay.send(template) directly and completely removed deliver_and_save.


Btw, any method invoked on a class that inherits from ActionMailer will return a Mail::Message object. ActionMailer does some black magic to make this happen (overwriting Ruby's method_missing so it can render views just like a controller, even though it behaves like a model in many ways).

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By the way, I found a workaround as well: just invoke delayed_job's 'delay' method on a class that does not inherit from ActionMailer, and then call your ActionMailer method from there. It's like calling delay on ActionMailer through a proxy method and that works just fine. –  thewillcole Feb 29 '12 at 9:21

This is about delayed_job and rails-3-mailer: https://github.com/collectiveidea/delayed_job#rails-3-mailers

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