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A line in my program which declares a Hashmap triggers an error.

public class SubjectTeacherPeriod{
private int id;

private Map<String, Integer> num_attribute_map; 
private Map<String,List<String>> str_attribute_map; 

private Period period;
private List<Period> periodList;

public SubjectTeacherPeriod(){
    num_attribute_map = new HashMap<String, Integer>();
    str_attribute_map = new HashMap<String,List<String>>();  //THIS LINE

is responsible for:

jesvin@Jesvin-Technovia:~/dev/drools/timetabler$ java -server in.co.technovia.timetabler.TimeTableApp
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
    at java.util.HashMap.<init>(HashMap.java:226)
    at in.co.technovia.timetabler.domain.SubjectTeacherPeriod.<init>(SubjectTeacherPeriod.java:38)
    at in.co.technovia.timetabler.solution.TimeTableInitializer.createTimeTable(TimeTableInitializer.java:66)
    at in.co.technovia.timetabler.TimeTableApp.main(TimeTableApp.java:37)

What is wrong with my hashmap?

Update: just like all answers guessed, a bad loop variable created too many variables. It was not a problem of the hashmap itself.

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Can it be reproduced? –  卢声远 Shengyuan Lu Feb 25 '12 at 12:35

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Nothing is wrong with your hash map. (How could it be? You're just declaring it / instantiating it.)

My guess would be that you're creating an enormous number of SubjectTeacherPeriod objects which basically fills the memory with hash maps. In the end it doesn't have room for one more.

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If it's not an application bug and you're legitimately adding a colossal amount of data to your HashMaps, see this article about how to increase your heap space.


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You probably need to:

  1. Verify that you're not allocating more SubjectTeacherPeriod objects than are needed.
  2. Increase the size of the memory allocation pool. See option -Xmx for the java executable.
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