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I have a method that gets an abstract class as an argument, for the purpose of polymorphism. But inside the method i want to return a copy of the actual object been made.


//Animal is an abstract class
public Animal findAndClone(Animal[] zoo){
  for (Animal a:zoo)
    //find some animal...
    return new Animal(a) //cant instantiate an abstract class 

I tried using a copy-constructor as seen above, but it can't instantiate an abstract. I thought of defining a clone() in the base class but I'm encountering the same problem in the base class. How to do this right?

Thank You.

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Unless you want to rely on the dodgy Object.clone method, you better create an abstract copy method in Animal and make sure all subclasses override it properly.

abstract class Animal {
    // Needs to be implemented by subclasses. A Dog returns a Dog, etc...
    public abstract Animal copy();

and then instead of doing

return new Animal(a);

you do

return a.copy();
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All sub-classes can copy the same as all properties defined in the base-class, the difference is in a definition of some methods, so there is no point to write in every sub-class a copy\clone method that is the same for all. Thanks. – SnapDragon Feb 25 '12 at 12:51
I see. Unfortunately that doesn't help you. You still have to follow my suggestion. What you could do is to create a helper method in Animal which says copyAnimalMembers or so, which does this work, which you call in Dog.copy, Cat.copy and so on. That would save you from copying pasting code in all subclasses. – aioobe Feb 25 '12 at 12:57

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