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I'm trying to redirect a domain to another via DNS.

I know that using IN CNAME it's posible. IN CNAME

What i need is a redirection with a path. When someone types, it should take them to to

I know it can be done using Web Server facilities, but I need DNS redirection.

Is this possible?

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No, what you ask is not possible. DNS is name resolution system and knows nothing about HTTP.

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Tanks for your answer – contacto contact Feb 28 '12 at 20:01
Thanks for your concise response. There's no confusing the answer here! :-) – James Aug 13 at 2:25

if you use AWS, a redirect like -->

can be setup as follows:

  1. in s3, create an empty bucket ""
  2. under Properties -> Static Website Hosting, set "redirect all requests to:"
  3. in route53, create an A record ""
  4. enable "alias", and set alias target to the "" bucket

not a pure DNS solution, but it works ;)

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This is a great and very useful answer to anyone using AWS. Thank you! Sweet workaround – Ken Jul 24 '14 at 21:23
Important to note: The bucket must be named to match the hostname being redirected to it. See – Jordan Feldstein Nov 2 at 22:23

I realize this is an old thread but FWIW, incase someone else is looking for a way to do this.

Wile dns does not understand the path portion of the url, it will understand subdomains, so instead of: IN CNAME

You could use: IN CNAME

then go to wherever you host and set it to point to

~ there's always more than one way to skin a cat

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This sounds like a useless construction, instead of making point to, You might just as well make point there, no need for extra DNS records. – Michiel Nov 21 '13 at 19:39
@Michiel It does sound like a useless construction if you have easy access to web servers. Sometimes big companies (and bureaucracy) make everything much more complicated than it could be. – Cawas Jul 1 '14 at 11:28

To answer the original question, no, what you want is not possible using only DNS (like everyone has stated). In addition to everything mentioned already, another option is to use a URL redirection service. These types of services can enable you to configure many different types of URL redirects depending on your needs. For example:

  1. Forward a domain apex to a www. subdomain or vice versa
  2. Forward a collection of domain names to a single destination (useful for forwarding domain misspellings, old company names, etc.)
  3. Forward specific domain names to deeply linked pages (like what the OP wants)

A service that does this is EasyRedir. Full disclosure: I developed EasyRedir. There are certainly other options out there though, so I encourage you to have a look around.

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DNS won't redirect the path portion of a URL, so that won't be possible.


will direct access to to, where you will need to use web server config to direct users to the appropriate page.

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@contacto contact and @adlawson

I'm going to shoot for the moon here because I am facing a similar challenge right now. I found a solution that, at a technical level, is implemented at the DNS server.

Full disclosure: I use to manage my DNS for your mileage may vary with GoDaddy or other vanilla registrars.

My DNS Solution:

Use an HTTP Redirection Record - I point a url to a bitly link that has a basic enrollment for for a Python class.

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I know it's an old thread but... I did that using a TXT record.

To redirect to, just add foo IN TXT "1|" in your DNS zone.

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you are required to create a subdomain (dns record) in destination, as an example:


you have a web site [], having a web resource using an Apache Alias (supposing your are using Apache as your web server)

Alias /agent-number-1019012/

so, at first place you must navigate to the agent's page using:


in your server, in your Apache config file you must add a Virtual Host Entry pointing to the directory /agent-number-1019012/ using the name "jhon_doe_agent" as subdomain, so now:

now: will serve "the_page.html" too as if we are using a direct path.


in a different domain, as an example the one registered as, you can create a CNAME record pointing to:

not it will serve the_page.html using:

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You can use It's easy: IN CNAME

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The question was about redirecting to a full path url, not just a domain. – Tony Chiboucas May 24 at 5:49
That's still not a full path – Tony Chiboucas Nov 10 at 21:45

Of course it is possible to redirect, with the following trick:

Create a new standard primary zone Name it same as the fictive URL that you want to redirect to Ensure that this fictive name is different than any AD DNS name Create A record with following entries:



What we have here is redirection, essentially. A valid URL will resolve based on the existing DNS primary DNS zone. A fictive URL will be redirected to ip-addr-2. What is important is that the name of this entry is blank, so it will fall down to the next entry in the record and redirect to ip-addr-2

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