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I have an UILabel in my UIView. The text of my label is dynamic: it's a web service call which returns to me the text that I will put in my label. Here's an example of the content of the label:

"this is an example of my text/nthis is the second line". 

I would like to put the first line in a specific font (Helvetica-Bold 12px for example) and the second line in another font (Helvetica 15px for example). How i can do this? Thanks for your answers.

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Honestly I'd recommend using two separate UILabel instances, take your text and get an array via [string componentsSeparatedByString:@"\n"], then place object at index 0 in the first one, and if you have a second object, put it in the second label.

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You could go for a static UIWebView and simply wrap your text into HTML+CSS. This will be much easier than doing all the layout in code.

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Maybe what you are looking for is NSAttributedString. Here is a example: iphone/ipad: How exactly use NSAttributedString?

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Thanks, i think that all the solutions presented to me are good. – samir Feb 25 '12 at 13:03

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