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I have simple element:

<a id="a1" href="#" style="position:absolute;top:0  ;left:0  ;nav-index:1;nav-down:#b1;nav-right:#a3;nav-left:#a1;nav-up:#a1">A1</a>

How to dynamicaly change nav-index and nav-up only ?

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Is it possible to move those inline styles to a separate style sheet? –  biziclop Feb 25 '12 at 13:05

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Like this:

var a1 = document.getElementById('a1');
a1.style['nav-index'] = /* somevalue */;
a1.style['nav-up']    = /* somevalue */;
// or (style properties with hypens must be converted
// to a camel case representation for use in 'dot notation')
a1.style.navIndex = /* somevalue */;
a1.style.navUp    = /* somevalue */;
// and to retrieve the original values:
a1.style['nav-index'] = '';
a1.style['nav-up']    = '';

Furthermore it's advisable to move the inline styling to a class in a css file.

.a1nav {
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document.getElementById('a1').style.navIndex = newIndex;
document.getElementById('a1').style.navUp = newValue;

Note that as per this and this, nav-index and nav-up are only supported by Opera.

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I have updated the answer. –  check123 Feb 25 '12 at 13:10

create a new css and call them using like this

function changeClass (elementID, newClass) {
    var element = document.getElementById(elementID);

    element.setAttribute("class", newClass); //For Most Browsers
    element.setAttribute("className", newClass); //For IE; harmless to other browsers.
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You can use jquery to change nav-index and nav-up.

$('a#a1').attr('nav-index', '2'); //If you want to change it to 2.
$('a#a1').attr('nav-up', '#5'); //If you want to change it to #5.
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