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I would like to create a search bar on the page that looks similar to amazon.com menu on the main page. I'm not sure if it uses jQuery or not.

So, contains [categories]- a drop down menu and looks like:

[[Drop Down Menu >] ...type text here...] [Search button]

Upon clicking on [Drop Down Menu] you are able to choose a state you are looking in, so your search will be within that state.

Could anybody tell me the proper way how to do that, or there is a ready source for that? Thank you.

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This is more of a "I have such and such problem" type of site. Not a "please tell me how to do this" site. So post what you've tried and what problems you have with it. If you're trying to emulate Amazon, just explore the html / scripts behind it with Firebug or a smilar tool. – Milimetric Feb 25 '12 at 13:21
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You will need to use ajax (javascript) with some (possibly) server-side scripting technology. This autocomplete plugin for jquery may be of help.

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