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I've implemented sIFR 3 on my site but I'm having a strange issue.

The header is overlaid on a background image which is a gradient. This image is defined in the CSS. As you can see in the image below, the area covered by the sIFR is a slightly different colour.

Header image (Dead Link)

The code for the replacement is as follows:

sIFR.replace(Amasis_MT_font, {
    selector: 'h1.flashHeader',
    css: [
    '.sIFR-root { font-weight:normal; color:#507A9A; leading:-10; width:500px }',
    'a { text-decoration: none }',
    'a:link { color: #507A9A }',
    'a:hover { color: #003366 }'
    wmode: 'transparent'
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Could it be that your display is set to 16 bits colors?

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Hi, it looks like it could be that. I've been viewing directly on the server which seems to only have the ability to display in 16 bit. So I can't test it on there, but your answer sounds accurate. Thanks. –  D Halley Jun 4 '09 at 9:28

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