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Im trying to do something that seems fairly simple.

Im trying to show a couple of images all in a row. with each image, i want to show text directly under it. When I try this it either wraps the lines and I can't get the images next to each other OR it does everything inline and the 3rd image wraps the screen.

any thoughts?

here's some code...

    <div style"display:inline">
        <img src="img/test.jpg" />
        <a href="" rel="lightbox"><img alt="Watch a Video" src="img/test.jpg" /></a>
        Watch a Video
        <img src="img/test.jpg" /><br/>
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Wrap de images in div's. Put the text in a span in the same div; and put it under the image by giving it a style="clear:both"

You can make the div float and put them in a bigger div if you don't want to set their width manually.

For example: <div> <div style="width:100px; height:100px; border: 1px solid red; diaply:inline;"></div> <span style="clear:both">Textg</span> </div>

Where the inline div acts as image.

The text appears under the image

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Ok. I wrapped each image in a div tag + added a span tag with the style that you mentioned within the same div. Then I added the float:left tag to each of the divs. Now everything is "inline", including the text. The text is not appearing underneath the images... Thanks so far... – user198923 Feb 25 '12 at 15:01
Post your code, I think you did something wrong – RobAu Feb 26 '12 at 12:57

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