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as title I can't able find this method into the Api -> Tabs... Way and where? Thanks'

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It was deprecated in Chrome 16. The correct way is to use chrome.tabs.query with active:true and lastFocusedWindow:true.

// Get the current active tab in the lastly focused window
    active: true,
    lastFocusedWindow: true
}, function(tabs) {
    // and use that tab to fill in out title and url
    var tab = tabs[0];
        url: tab.url,
        description: tab.title
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Thank you so much! – Donovant Feb 25 '12 at 15:23

It was removed. Use chrome.tabs.query instead.

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It's a deprecated method, but you can still use it.

chrome.tabs.getSelected(null, function(tab) {
  var url = tab.url;
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