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I am working on a plugin that needs to run many different queries. I created a class that has many function and all these functions runs different queries. A DAL basically.

Now when I call these functions in my program, all of them work fine but only one of them runs its query. All other queries in all other function calls don't run.

All the functions run their queries fine if I call only one function in the program.

I cant figure out what the problem is ?

here is some code

class seoklaxxdataAccess{

    function readall_wp_posts(){

        global $wpdb; 

        $seo_sqlcommand = "SELECT * From wp_posts Where post_type IN ('post','page') AND post_status Like 'publish';";
        $seo_rs = $wpdb->get_results($seo_sqlcommand, ARRAY_A);

        return $seo_rs;

    function readall_wp_seo_keywords(){

        global $wpdb;

        $seo_sqlcommand = "SELECT * FROM wp_seo_keywords";
        $seo_rs = $wpdb->get_results($seo_sqlcommand, ARRAY_A);

        return $seo_rs;

Please help

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You may post it to wordpress.stackexchange.com to get a better response. –  The Alpha Feb 25 '12 at 15:18
any one ? any idea whats going wrong ? –  Lafanter Feb 27 '12 at 20:35

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