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i am beginner in cakephp , and i want use SQL IN operator in find method , i have words table.
my code is :

$this->Word->find('Word.wordid in (83,82)');

, and this code create this query :

SELECT `Userword`.`userwordid`, `Userword`.`userid`, `Userword`.`wordid`, 
`Userword`.`date`, `Userword`.`levelid` FROM `userwords` AS `Userword` WHERE 
`Userword`.`wordid` = (82) 

but i need this query

SELECT `Userword`.`userwordid`, `Userword`.`userid`, `Userword`.`wordid`, 
Userword`.`date`, `Userword`.`levelid` FROM `userwords` AS `Userword` WHERE 
`Userword`.`wordid` IN (83,82)

how can getting like this query (using IN operator )

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you need to let cake take care of that - simply use it as it was a string:

$this->Word->find('all', array(
    'conditions' => array('Word.wordid' => $arrayOfIds)
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Note that this is only valid for CakePHP <= 2.x. In 3.x you will need to manually add IN again: 'Word.wordid IN' => $arrayOfIds –  mark Sep 21 '14 at 22:16

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