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I would like to test that my code does not exhibit a race condition where css files are served slowly. Is there a tool that can help me test this?

Fiddler has "simulate modem speeds", but I can't specify that only css files should be delayed.

Any other quick suggestions? (I don't want to spend too much time on setting this up, this should be a drop in tool that just does the job).

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You can disable CSS styles with the Web Developer Toolbar (there are seperate Chrome and Firefox downloads).

If this isn't acceptable you could reference this StackOverflow question to put some JavaScript on the page: How to load up CSS files using Javascript?

and wrap it in a

setTimeout(function() { // code here }, millisecondsDelay);

to delay the loading however long you'd like.

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This is not what I had in mind, sorry. I don't want to disable css, nor do I want to change how they are loaded - this changes the semantics. –  ripper234 Feb 25 '12 at 20:53
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Fiddler Delayed Responses Extension seems to be what I want.

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