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I'm using Mallet Naive Bayes algorithm to classify a big Dataset. My problem is how to split my dataset into train and test chunks? Could anyone tell me the best methodology of train-test split? my documents are sorted by date. I found this method for train-test split:

public Trial testTrainSplit(InstanceList instances) {

    int TRAINING = 0;
    int TESTING = 1;
    int VALIDATION = 2;

    // Split the input list into training (90%) and testing (10%) lists.                               
// The division takes place by creating a copy of the list,                                        
//  randomly shuffling the copy, and then allocating                                               
//  instances to each sub-list based on the provided proportions.                                  

    InstanceList[] instanceLists =
        instances.split(new Randoms(),
                    new double[] {0.9, 0.1, 0.0});

// The third position is for the "validation" set,                                                 
    //  which is a set of instances not used directly                                                  
    //  for training, but available for determining                                                    
    //  when to stop training and for estimating optimal                                               
//  settings of nuisance parameters.                                                               
// Most Mallet ClassifierTrainers can not currently take advantage                                 
    //  of validation sets.                                                                            

Classifier classifier = trainClassifier( instanceLists[TRAINING] );
    return new Trial(classifier, instanceLists[TESTING]);

but I think it's not appropriate for the case where the documents are sorted by date. Could anyone help me?

share|improve this question (and obviously train sets should be as homogeneous as possible, i.e. random date/content/style/etc.): enter image description here

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