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I want to use facebook's graph api to retrieve a page's photos. Here's the call I'm using:

'https://graph.facebook.com/'. $pageID .'/photos?access_token='. $page_access_token

For some reason this call returns an empty data set. I am using a page access token not an users, and the user is the admin of the page I'm trying to retrieve photos from. The page ID is correct since when I use this call to get the page's events it works well. Am I using the wrong call?

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Have you tried debugging in the Graph API explorer? try retrieving the photos of the page using your access token. – ifaour Feb 25 '12 at 20:40
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Sometimes you're unfortunately stuck using FQL calls to get this type of information. Facebook has a lot of inconsistencies with how page data is handled -- I won't get into these, but what you're looking to do can be found here: How to use Facebook graph API to retrieve fan photos uploaded to wall of fan page?

Here's a PHP example:

    $photoQuery = urlencode('SELECT pid,owner,src_small,src_big FROM photo WHERE aid IN ( SELECT aid  FROM album  WHERE owner = your_page_id)');    
    $photoFQL = 'https://api.facebook.com/method/fql.query?query='.$photoQuery .'&access_token='.$accessToken.'&format=json';   
    $photoResults = file_get_contents($photoFQL);

You'll end up with a url like this you can test with:


Replacing the {page_id} and {access_token} with your own, of course. I tested this and it showed my Community/Fan Page's photos in a JSON response. Good luck.

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First of all, it's 3D{page_id}) and not 3D%{page_id}). That is, no extra %.

Secondly, it seems to retrieve anything by photos uploaded by others.

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