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I took the facebook example but it does use the old versions of libraries and i had to use newer version of express as i use node v0.6.6. When i try to start the app i get Error: Cannot find module 'restler'. Has anyone got this working with newer versions ?

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take a look at the Heroku documentation especially Declare Dependencies With NPM section.

After checking your package.json I saw that you are using old packages, facebook-client is right now at the version 1.6.0 (think about choosing a different wrapper for your graph requests like fbgraph).

The facebook-template-node package is clearly outdated, use it only as a reference (environment variables, Heroku custom files like the Procfile).

Programming node.js you should avoid old packages (unless you have a good reason and know how to fork/vendor and fix them) since the core api is changing on every major version (even if there are only small incompatibilities between 0.4.x and 0.6.x).

For a recent project involving facebook I used authom for authentication and fbgraph (actively maintained and pretty lightweight) as the API consumer.

As final advice, look for the package under active development (and look the the sources and tests), fix/fork/avoid the others.

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Well i added the package.json file pastebin.com/4gW008vB, the problem is that most of the package versions is too old. – Risto Novik Feb 27 '12 at 14:30
I think you should restart from scratch using authom for oAuth2 authentication if needed and fbgraph (use my fork if you need to manage multiple access tokens). If you would rather go toward the template way, check the latest versions of all packages from npm search and test it in your environment (I think the 'facebook' package needs to go away since it has not been updated in a while). – LoG Feb 28 '12 at 13:12

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