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i'm new in Multitouch touchpad topic and for my work i need some Infos.

I have one Multitouch touchpad which via usb connected to my laptop(win7). Multitouch gestures like Zoom,pinch,... on the Touchpad should be captured and be sent to my laptop. in my laptop i'm running a application which shows for example one image. my question is:

  • How captured gestures will be sent to laptop and my image in Laptop get to change? i mean, for example, by doing zoom gesture on touchpad, the image in laptop should be zooemd. the finger positions/coordinates on touchpad must be read and interpreted?wenn yes, how? please give me some related tutorial or codes.

if you have better ideas for example using Android Tablet instead of Touchpad or ..., please tell me.



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no one any idea? –  Lucas Mar 20 '12 at 23:20
Are you targetting Windows or Android? And do you have a touchpad or a touchscreen? Typically, a touchpad only has mouse-mode, no gestures (apart form built-in ones or ones provided through driver), a touchscreen has gestures and all the nice stuff, but it does not work like a mouse.. it is meant for being on top of a display (absolute coordinates), thus touchscreen. –  Andreas Reiff Nov 9 '12 at 9:15

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