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I need to remove trailing dot from my domain name. I have example below. What is the correct way to use it in the query?

$tank5 = "SELECT url FROM `db`.`tank` WHERE url LIKE rtrim('%$string%', '.')"; // this don't work I just test it.

I know I can just do this $string = rtrim($string, '.'); before the query but I was hoping I could run it on 1 line.

Is it actually possible? Thanks in advance.

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Concatenate your string, instead:

$tank5 = "SELECT url FROM `db`.`tank` WHERE url LIKE '%".rtrim($string, '.')."%'";
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Thank you very much. I don't know you could actually concatenate php function in query. Well I learn new things everyday. That's solve it. Thanks again. – sg552 Feb 25 '12 at 19:46
@sg552 Concatination of strings is always possible. – Repox Feb 25 '12 at 19:53

RTRIM would remove trailing blanks. You would need to use SUBSTRING.

$tank5 = "SELECT url FROM `db`.`tank` WHERE url LIKE CONCAT('%', SUBSTR($string, 1, LENGTH($string)-1), '%');";

If you would want to execute with SQL functions, but a much better way is to do as Repox said.

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