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Why does the second grid renders into the first grid row, once I click on the X to clear the quicksearch? What am I doing wrong? This is my page:

class page_alumnos_equipo extends Page {
function init(){


    $h=$this->add('H1')->set($mAlumno->get('name').' ( '.$mAlumno->get('grado').$mAlumno->get('nivel'). ' )');

    $this->add('H2')->set('Equipos actuales');

    $this->add('H2')->set('Agregar a Nuevo Equipo');



    if ($f->isSubmitted()){

        foreach($selected as $sel){

                ->successMessage('Se asignó equipo a: '.$mAlumno->get('name'))

Thanks in advance

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just a suggestion, but add a second argument to add('MVCGrid',xxx) with some unique identifier. No spaces, [a-z] – romaninsh Feb 26 '12 at 18:19

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while i don't see any problem with your page, it could be an object/region rendering issue.

for me, as much as possible, i try not to call the univ or jquery javascript of the page's view but rather only of a specific object's view. so instead of this:

    ->successMessage('Se asignó equipo a: '.$mAlumno->get('name'))

make the javascript call specific to an object by changing it to:

    ->successMessage('Se asignó equipo a: '.$mAlumno->get('name'))

i hope this solves your object rendering issue.

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