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I read an article at this site about ADAM, AD FS and SSO

Unfortunately I am not proficient in ADAM and AD FS, so I would like to know if I follow the "Web SSO with AD FS" part of this article then I can use SSO authentication against ADAM from an ASP.NET MVC 3 application?

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The article you refer to seems to be about AD FS 1.0, which is an older version and with which I have no experience.

As described in this StackOverflow answer, you use AD FS 2.0 only directly with Active Directory to authenticate users. (You can use other sources for authorization.) In other words, you cannot directly use it with ADAM (=LDS).

However, as that answer also describes, an alternative is to let AD FS redirect to a custom STS which you write yourself (e.g., on top of Windows Identity Foundation, WIF), which performs authentication against ADAM/LDS.

And this other answer has a brief description from someone who actually did this.

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