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Can I use intel's TBB with gcc? And if not, what would be the equivalent so I could use it while compiling with gcc?
I don't think I can but is always better to ask.

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You certainly can use TBB with the GNU compiler –  David Heffernan Feb 25 '12 at 19:52

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You can, this is what their documentation has to say:

Do I have to use Intel’s compilers? No. You should be able to use any ISO compliant C++ compiler. We have tested it very well on the gnu (gcc) compiler, Intel’s C++ compiler, Microsoft’s compiler, and Apple’s gnu compiler. We have also built with success on a variety of other compilers. Check the web site for update on experiences with different systems and compilers.

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Yes, from the FAQ.

The project is dedicated to supporting all compilers, all OSes and all processors as a cornerstone objective of the project.

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