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For example if I have a web page HTML like below

        Hello Techies, <br>
        Techies here.

If I search for "Techies" using

 var sel = window.getSelection(); 
 sel.collapse(document.body, 0); 
 if (window.find("Techies", true)) { 
   document.execCommand("hiliteColor", false, "YellowGreen"); 

It is Highlighting only the first occurred of the "Techies". But when I search with Ctrl+F the first occurance will be highlighted in Dark and next occurances will be highlighted in light color mode. How can I achieve the same with the above code. Please ask me if you need any further inputs to be more clear.

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Perhaps something like this might help?

if (window.find("Techies", true)) { 
   document.execCommand("hiliteColor", false, "FirstColor");
   while (window.find("Techies", true) {
      document.execCommand("hiliteColor", false, "SecondColor");
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Works :-) Thanks alot. – Exception Feb 25 '12 at 20:09

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