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Does anyone know how to add/download a ringtone or an mp3 sound to an android emulator?

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Go to DDMS in Eclipse, click the File Explorer tab and navigate to mnt/sdcard. Create a new folder by clicking the Plus icon called ringtones. Then click on the"Push a file on to the device" icon and choose your file.

You may need to restart the emulator.

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From Eclipse:

Click on Window -> Open Perspective -> DDMS

Note: First start the emulator, so its contents will be available under File Explorer

Now click on the File Explorer tab and navigate to mnt/sdcard.

If this directory already has a directory named ringtones then navigate to it, or else create a new directory named mnt/sdcard/ringtones.

Note: To create a new directory, you need to click on "+" (plus) icon in the top right corner

To upload the ringtones files click on Push a file on to device, again in the top right corner, and upload the ringtones. After that you need to restart Eclipse as well as the emulator.

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