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I have been struggling with the PayPal Web service in trying to get a Certificate to work with SSL and the API. I can make sandbox requests with a local ca certificate using the NVP (name value pair) API, but when it comes to the live api, I receive an SSL error. I have a thread on this, which has not been solved yet:

SSL Failures - Recieving SSL/TLS exception when using HttpWebRequest with client certificate

I am now exploring other avenues for making requests using various pay pal apis. My goal is to be able to using II7 and C# to send secure requests easily using the installed verisign certificate in the local ca store.

If anyone has similar experience with any of the APIs, I would be forever grateful for information on connecting to their web service with one of these methods, how you passed the cert over the wire, where you found code samples and if you have samples or a pointer to some, and what you think the best method for connecting is:

  • WCF
  • SOAP
  • NVP (using WebClient? this is my current method)
  • Etc

I have many links from paypal on guides on their web service, but it always seems to end right before it talks about implemented SSL and the specifics of certificate delivery and integration, since this is a bit .NET specific.

Since I am coming down to the wire, and Out of the box code solutions would be really great, otherwise any advice would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

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Why exactly would you want to use certificate API authentication in the first place? –  Robert Feb 25 '12 at 22:59
My goal is to process payments using the PayPal API. I have a certificate issued by Verisign, which we paid several hundred bucks for. If there are other methods to accomplish this (besides C#'s WebRequest using PayPayl's NVP framework) then I'd glady try it. –  nocarrier Feb 26 '12 at 18:55
An SSL certificate is not required for API authentication, though. –  Robert Feb 27 '12 at 10:14
Shawn, I created a chat to discuss this issue - I'll be in and out throughout the day: chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/8249/… –  Robert Feb 27 '12 at 10:16

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