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I have created a Mac application using Air Captive Runtime. My folder structure is as follows:


I want to open xml files inside the "data" folder from MyApp.app but Air is not allowing me to do this.

Since the actual swf file is burried inside the mac bundle, opening files inside the data folder is not as straight forward and using "../../" with applicationDirectory is not working since air is ignoring calls with ".."

I have looked for examples to solve this but nothing seems to work.

for example:

var baseDir:File = File.applicationDirectory;

var nativeBaseDir:File = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath(baseDir.nativePath + "../../../");

var nativeBaseDirUrl = nativeBaseDir.nativePath();

Doesn't seem to work for me. All my attempts result with my path being ignored once I seem to reach the parent folder.

Can someone help?



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See my related message and solution here (plus it's a good site to keep an eye on) ...



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Hi Phil,Thanks for the tip. I'll try it. –  user1233008 Apr 23 '12 at 7:51

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